You can have a job permit after you get a bachelor’s or above degree education in Hong Kong, I will tell you how to find a job and renew the IANG permission in Hong Kong.

I have 4 years of education at a university in Hong Kong, and I have a bachelor’s degree certificate, from this time on you can seek a job in Hong Kong.

I found my job on a Hong Kong job website, which is called JobsDB, I have many years of work experience in China Mainland, so I found my job quickly.

Hong Kong immigration department gave me only 1 year of IANG permit, hence I need to find a job and work ASAP, my employer helped me submit the requirement of files to the immigration department, and I got 3 years of extension IANG permission.

I have several suggestions for someone who needs to extend his IANG permission:
1. Find a job as soon as possible, do not care what kind of job it is, of course, that must be an officer job and the salary must be more than 14K hkd.
2. The first job in Kong Kong must be 1-year longer, the minimum is one year, this helps you much for you to find the second job, you can quit your job after you get the IANG extension.
3. I Highly suggest seeking a big company, a small company will let you do a lot of things and the working hour is more than 10 hours, the big company will not let you do other things that are for your job duty.