As an e-business owner, I have 3 Shopify stores and 4 WordPress e-commerce websites, so I can tell you which is suitable for your e-commerce business.

First, if you are not a technician and don’t know how to launch a website on a Linux server, I highly suggest you choose Shopify as your first choice.

Second, price is your first mind, you should choose WordPress, why?

  1. Shopify minimum plan is $25/month/yr, and you need to choose the plugin to install like the ship and delivery apps, and each of them will cost you $2/month, everything you need to pay when you using Shopify, the monthly spend $30 more.
  2. WordPress can build on the Linux server even a $5 plan per month, like AWS EC2, Lightsail, and others, and the plugins you can find free on the internet, you only need to consider which CDN you need to choose, but Cloudflare can solve everything, yes, it’s free.
  3. SEO is your first consideration, you should choose WordPress, Shopify SEO is the same for all websites, for example, a category on Shopify is*, and pages is, little SEO for your website.
  4. Too many modifications and customized things and functions, for example, products only can be delivered on select days, and with more customization, you should choose WordPress.

and  I write too many words, you should know how to choose which system is your first choice, simply:

Money and customization are your first consideration, select the WordPress!

If you don’t have technical knowledge and no technician, select Shopify!